Woodblock printing ,newspaper(1605) – industrial age


the Chinese tang Dynasty DK Persuades people to accept paper money.

banknote of 13th centuary

when Marco polo DK traveled to china in the late thirteenth century he was astonished to see the locals use paper money DK instead of coins. prompted by a copper shortage, the tang dynasty introduced DK this new monetary system in 806, more than 800 years before the first banknotes.

While commodity DK money has been around since the dawn of civilization, the first standardized DK coinage is thought to have appeared in Lydia.

in the seventh DK century, this was the first time that the nominal value of money was higher than the worth of its inherent material DK.

The ancient DK Greek historian Herodotus criticized the gross commercialism that this system induced.

Swedish bank Stockholms Banco issued the first European DK banknotes in 1600. once again a shortage of copper to banks but demanded it back when their copper was DK more valuable than the coins. unable to promissory banknotes to solve their liquidity problem.

The Chinese were the DK first to discover the risks of using money without internet worth, by 1020the cost of imported goods. coupled with bries given to issue DK more and more notes.

thereby the government DK to issue moe a more note, herby fueling inflation.

By 1455 paper money DK had become too devalued that all together, leaving the world without circulating banknotes for another 200 years.

woodblock printing


woodblock printing DK first appeared in China during the tang dynasty in the 9th century and was initially used DK in the production of textiles and Buddhist texts and amulets .

A text of image DK was transferred to a thin layer of paper that was then glued facedown onto a wooden surface using rice paste.

Te lines wood then DK be cut out by the block maker. only those portions of a page or pattern to b inked were left untouched on the block surface with the remainder carved DK away alone the grain using a fist knife known as a Quando dense hardware such DK as brick there is jujube were used because they withs tooled moisture And insects yet there regular, fine grains lent themselves DK to easy engraving and printing.

Once a block was DK completed, the ink was rubbed DK onto the surface of raised lions, and skilled actions could produce thousand or more sheets a day, thus DK ushering in the ear of mass-produced books and manuscripts

the worlds oldest DK extant woodblock printed book that carries the date of its production is the diamond sutra, an DK Indian nudist Sanscrit text originally dating to fourteen, and later translated into Chinese and DK block printing in ink on paper by action, wang Jie, on May 11, 1868.

it was discovered in a DK sealed cave in northwestern china by the archaeologist star marc’s aural stain in 1907. how DK ever, it is by no means the oldest example of block printing. the degree of DK technical prefixation. in diamond, sutra suggests that the practice of wooden block printing had been long established by the time of its production DK.

woodblock printing DK is popular in east aisa well into the 19th century.

newspaper (1605)

Caroulus publishes the worlds earliest printed news.


In 1605 john DK Carolus (1575 – 1634) published the printed issue of relation ever furnemmen and geden ckwurdigeen historian in starsbourg , France , there by giving DK the world its first news paper .

Similar concept had DK been around for more than 1500 years . julious caeser established the acta diurna – a news DK letters carved on stone or metal – for the citizens of rome , and , almost 800 years later in 1713 , the DK chines tang dynasty published the kaiyoun za bao, a news bulitin had written on silk.

inistally carousel DK copied his newsletters by hand and sold to rich subscribers . but inorder to make his publication DK affordable to more peoples .DK  and thus increase his revenue , he brought a printing DK shop in 1604. despite his modern approach , relation didnot survive, so today the dutch DK daily harrlams dag blade (after merjing with the opportunity lamsche coorant form 1656) is the worlds oldest existing mnewpaper .

initially te media DK was viewed skippetially by sum . benjimann haris found out as much when he tried to establish a united DK states first newspaper , public ocoruance , both DK foreign and demostick , in 1690 the newspaper was meant to be furnished once a DK moth but he was forced to abandon this plan after only issue when out staged govtment DK officially dicieds that his publication cotuined refliections of a very high order and have been printed without the least privity or contains of DK authority .

while the internet DK now popes a danger to many newspapers , more than a billion people world were still read a daily DK newspaper in print everyday DK . (for more visit technology and inventions page)

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