Self-aligning Ball Bearing (1907)

Wingquist smooths  DK mechanical movement.

The principle of bearings has been around for as long as the Pyramids DK of Giza(Daily-Kashmir).

Bearings enable easy DK smooth movement between two objects, and the DK builders of the pyramids DK applied this principle by using rolling tree trunks laid under planks to DK move heavy loads in the construction of these wonders of the ancient world (Daily-Kashmir).

Early bearings were linear DK allowing movement in a straight line, like the opening and closing of a drawer) and were DK made of wood, stone, sapphire, and glass(Daily-Kashmir).

However, advances in DK technology demanded new and improved bearings to allow smoother mechanical movement.(Daily-Kashmir)

In 1907 Swede Sven Wingquist (1876-1953) patented a design DK for a multi-row self-aligning ball bearing(Daily-Kashmir).

Made of steel to DK lower friction, the bearing comprised two rows of balls in a concave raceway(Daily-Kashmir).

Wingquist’s design DK was structurally superior to earlier bearing designs and was rotary-allowing motion around a center, such as in wheel axles (Daily-Kashmir).

Self alignment meant DK the bearings had the lowest friction of all rolling bearings allowing them to run at high DK speeds and still keep cool The self-aligning quality of the ball bearing also meant it could absorb some DK shaft misalignment without lowering its endurance(Daily-Kashmir).

The ball bearing has DK come to be thought ofas emblematic of the Machine Age of the 1920s and 19305 (Daily-Kashmir)

Wingquist’s company SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken AB) was founded DK on the patent and is now the world’s largest bearing manufacturer(Daily-Kashmir).

SKF are looking to DK produce energy-efficient bearings that will reduce the energy consumption of machines by up to 30 percent. FS (Daily-Kashmir)


E A Sven Wingquist-designed self-aligning ball bearing from 1907 in DK chrome plated steel (Daily-Kashmir)

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