Haber process (1908) and bakelite (1909)

Haber makes DK ammonia readily available,


The Habet process DK sometimes called the Haber Bosch proceso invented by the German chemist Fritz DK Haber (1868-1934) in 1908-may be the most important technological advance of the twentieth century. (Daily-Kashmir)

At that time, the DK main way of obtaining large quantities of ammonia was from naturally occurring Saltpoter Ammonia DK was an incredibly useful substance with uses ranging from cleaning to fertilizer DK and explosives But saltpeter could be difficult to harvest with deposits occurring on DK the walls of caves, and making it DK required the large-scale decomposition of piles of animal dung in the first decade of the DK  twentieth century, increasing global agnculture was putting a large strain on the supplies DK of ammonia, and DK there were fears that the sappily would not be able to keep up with the demand.(Daily-Kashmir)

What Haber created was DK a means of making ammonia that would make it a plentiful resource DK.

He extracted DK hydrogen gas from methane and made it chemically react with nitrogen from the atmosphere DK To do this he needed a catalyst-a substance that promotes certain chemical reactions.(Daily-Kashmir)

During his experiments DK he found that iron was the perfect catalyst and by mwing the nitrogen and hydrogen under high pressure, in DK the presence of iton, he could make Naammonial in large quantities


Just two years DK after Habers breakthrough German chemist Carl Bosch (1874-1940) was able to commercialize DK the process in 1910, while working for the chemical company BASF-and suddenly German DK industry had plentiful supplies of armonia


Fritz Haber won DK the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his work. These DK days more than 500 million tons of artificial fertilize are produced worldwide using the Haber process. DHK





Baekeland creates synthetic shellac,


A few lucky individuals DK change history and at the same time, make a DK lot of money. Such was the case with Belolanborneo Hendrik Baekeland (1863-19441 who DK proved to have a keen eye for opportunity and the drive and know-how to see a project to fruition


Baekeland’s first DK major invention was a dramatic improvement in photographic paper Eastman Kodak purchased DK his invention (dubbed “Velox for upwards of three-quarters of a million dollars in 1898 DK.

Freed from DK financial worry, Baekeland then had his days free to experiment in his laboratory.(Daily-Kashmir)

As the electronics DK industry grew in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, so did the demand DK for insulators Greatly in demand at this time was shellac, a natural.


Leo Baekeland, Belgian-American chemist


product made from DK a beetle indigenous to Asia. It also turned out to be a great insulator Baekeland realized that DK given its high demand and limited supply synthetic shellac would be a goldmine, (Daily-Kashmir)

By mixing carbolic DK acid and formaldehyde in a controlled environment, Baekeland soon created product that DK could be painted onto a surface, just like shellac, or be DK molded into almost any shape or form The product named Bakelite, was the fiest totally DK synthetic plastic and the forefather of the same product that is used today in bottles, computer DK keyboards, light switches, and countless other everyday products BMCC (Daily-Kashmir)

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