Coffee Filter and Square-headed Screw

Coffee Filter  (1908) (Daily-Kashmir)

A basket-type coffee filter, here made of bleached paper


Bentz improves DK the coffee-making process.(Daily-Kashmir)

Melitta Bentz (1873-1950) invented the coffee filter to solve a simple DK household need, and it resulted in a hugely successful company and her filter being used throughout the world, (Daily-Kashmir)

Bentz wanted to find DK a way to produce coffee without the grounds in it and began to experiment with passing the coffee through various types of filters, eventually DK trying the blotting paper that het children used when doing homework.(Daily-Kashmir)

By putting a circle of DK the blotting paper into a metal cup with holes in it, Bentz could pass hot water over the coffee, then DK let it drain into another cup, with the grounds left behind in the filter.(Daily-Kashmir)

“I never drink  DKcoffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.” (Daily-Kashmir)

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President 1981-1989

Used coffee filter

In 1908, Bentz filed a DK patent for her invention and, with her husband, formed the Melitta Bentz Company DK to promote it (Daily-Kashmir). The invention took off at the Leipzig Trade Fair the following year with DK over 1,000 coffee-makers said (Daily-Kashmir).

The company later DK began to produce its own filters, rather than using blotting paper, Like those used today, these DK had a great wet strength and would not fall apart when wet (Daily-Kashmir).

The Melitta Bentz Company DK later developed filter bags, as used in modern filtered coffee. Although many rival DK methods of coffee-making have been developed since 1908, (Daily-Kashmir) Bentz’s filtering DK system still holds its own, and continues to be widely used in homes as well as in commercial catering (Daily-Kashmir). JG


Square-headed Screw

Square-headed Screw (1908) (Daily-Kashmir)

Robertson invents DK a safer and faster screw. (Daily-Kashmir)

Home improvement DK work is risky business. Children’s cartoons serve as continual public service announcements of the nazards of “do-it-yourselfstepping on DK garden rakes and putting hammers through thumbs tend to top the charts in terms of accidents For traveling salesman Peter L.(Daily-Kashmir)

Robertson (1879-1951), however, a real  DK accident in 1906, when he put a sharp screwdriver through his hand, prompted DK him to find a way of avoiding such accidents (Daily-Kashmir).

By 1908 Robertson was DK manufacturing a screw that was to revolutionize the industry (Daily-Kashmir).

in Henry Petroski’s book on DK the evolution of useful things he talks about the square-headed screw being invented DK to improve on existing designs-specifically the elimination or reduction of the risk of a slip However, (Daily-Kashmir) another improvement that Robertson made on the traditional screw DK was that his version could be fastened tighter than its rivals and operated with one hand-a very DK useful advantage for mechanics and other craftsmen alike (Daily-Kashmir).

The square-headed DK screw was simply a screw with a square cavity in its head and a pointed indentation at the deepest point of the hole (Daily-Kashmir).

This guided the DK screwdriver into the cavity, juxtaposing it with the screw.

This tight fit also provided DK sufficient torque to safely secure the screw into place more quickly than had previously been possible it did not take long before the DK commercial benefits of this were recognized and, as a result, there DK were over 700 Robertson screws in each Model T Ford motor car that came off the production line (Daily-Kashmir).

What had been a lack DK of sleight on Robertson’s part in 1906 turned out to be a twist of fate that would earn this Canadian DK entrepreneur his fame (Daily-Kashmir). CB


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